Catering Ideas For Kids’ Birthday Parties

Throwing a birthday party for a small child can be stressful for parents, and they may be too busy to find the time to cook for their little ones' big days. Your restaurant can expand its current catering business by appealing to parents throwing large or fancy parties for their children. Here are a few ideas to put on a special kids' catering menu to help make your catering business stand out. Read More 

Win Your Sports Bar’s New Recipe Contest With A New Twist On A Pizza Classic

When your favorite sports bar is known for its pizza, how do you reinvent those fantastic flavors into something new? If your weeknight hangout is looking for ideas to expand the menu, introduce them to a fabulous pasta dish that revolutionizes pizza without sacrificing that bar-food feel. Here's a pizza pasta concept that you can serve in a bread bowl or even in a carved sub roll for a portable yet hearty meal. Read More 

4 Must-Try Southern Thai Dishes

Although lately most of the buzz about Thai cuisine revolves around food from the Northeastern Isan region, southern Thai dishes are equally as delicious and exotic. Whether you're at home in Canada or abroad, you should run to your local Thai restaurant and try one of the following must try dishes. Nam Prik Goong Siap Nam prik is a spicy sauce that is commonly used in southern Thai dishes. Nam prik consists of fermented shrimp paste, dried shrimp, garlic, hot chilies, lime sauce, a bit of brown sugar, and an ample amount of fish sauce. Read More 

Tips For Organizing A Banquet Hall For A Wedding

If you are planning on having a wedding and holding it in a banquet hall, you are going to need to provide the banquet hall staff an idea of how you want the hall to be set up. How your hall is arranged could impact how enjoyable your wedding is for both your wedding party as well as your guests. Here are some tips for setting up your banquet hall as attractively as possible. Read More 

3 Great Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy At Restaurants

Taking your child or children to a sit-down restaurant isn't always going to be easy, but it most definitely is possible. While each child is different, and age is always going to be a factor, there are certain things that you can do with children in general to help keep them happy while at a restaurant, like Athens Restaurant. This article will discuss 3 things in particular that you can do. Read More