Measures To Take When Dealing With A Restaurant Hood Installation

In your commercial restaurant, you may use large stoves that create a bunch of smoke and grease. You can collect these things in a safe manner using a kitchen hood system. You need to spend time finding the right hood system, but also focus on getting its installation perfect. You can if you take a couple of important measures. Hire a Contractor to Assemble the Hood Even if you feel capable of installing this restaurant equipment yourself, it's still important to hire a licensed contractor to handle the restaurant hood assembly. Read More 

Classic Sandwiches You May See On A Restaurant Menu

Most items on restaurant menus are listed with a description. Sometimes, though, you might see some sandwiches listed without a lot of details. Usually, this is because these sandwiches are classics, and the menu writers assume that anyone reading the menu will know what the sandwiches are. But if you're not a sandwich enthusiast, you might be confused. That's where this article will be helpful. Here's a look at some classic sandwiches and what each one contains. Read More 

Unique Chinese Dishes That Will Expand Your Palate

Chinese food has a wide variety of flavors and tastes. There are a few classic, popular dishes are delicious and are certainly worth enjoying, like chow mein or orange chicken. However, if you want to expand your palate and experience more of the breadth of Chinese cuisine, there are a couple of more unique dishes worth trying when you see them on a menu. Chow Fun This noodle dish is a good one to try if you're used to ordering lo mein, but want something a little different. Read More