Enjoying the Health Benefits of Seafood

Lesser-Known Asian Dishes To Order If You See Them

Orange chicken, pad Thai, bahn mi — these are all relatively common Asian dishes in the United States, and they are certainly all delicious. However, if you are just ordering these classics again and again, you are missing out. Here are six lesser-known Asian dishes from a variety of cuisines. If you see one of these on a menu, you'd be wise to order it. Khao kluk kapit A traditional Thai dish, khao kluk kapit is essentially fried rice made with fermented ground shrimp. Read More 

Not Keen On Fries? Consider These Fish And Chip Side Dish Alternatives

When it comes to seafood dishes, few are as well known as fish and chips. Not only is this dish served in most seafood restaurants, but it's also common at pubs, sports bars, and even food trucks. A lot of people love the combination of tastes that this dish provides, but not everyone is partial to eating fries. If you love battered fish but aren't the biggest fan of fries — or are perhaps trying to avoid potatoes for dietary reasons — there are a lot of different ways that you can order this meal. Read More 

Empanadas — A Central Element In Cuban Fare

If you're interested in visiting a Cuban restaurant, you'll get a chance to enjoy a variety of dishes that you likely haven't experienced in the past. One item that will almost certainly be on the menu is empanadas. While this meal is popular in a variety of Latin American countries, it's a staple of Cuban cuisine. There might be a variety of other items on the menu that entice you, but it's worthwhile to try an order of empanadas, whether you get some to share with your dining companion as an appetizer or eat them yourself as the main course. Read More 

Three Ways To Enjoy Dinner In A Restaurant With A Picky Eating Child

If you're like many modern parents, you enjoy taking the family out for meals on occasion. However, few things ruin a family dinner on the town faster than a stubborn, picky eater sitting through the entire meal complaining and refusing to eat. Some parents find themselves completely giving up rather than going through the grueling ordeal of trying to coax a picky eater to enjoy a meal in a public place and instead eat all of their meals at home, but most people aren't going to allow their lives to revolve around one picky family member to that great of an extent. Read More 

Spaghetti Bolognese: History And A Recipe

Few Italian dishes have gained such notoriety as spaghetti bolognese. In the UK, it's known fondly as spag bol, and in the U.S., people who refer to spaghetti are often referencing this dish in particular. But spaghetti bolgnese has a richer history than its popularity may suggest. Here's a closer look at the history of this classic Italian dish... along with a quick recipe to help you make your own, restaurant-quality bolognese sauce at home. Read More