Consider These Fun Restaurant Ideas When Entertaining Business Clients

After a day of meetings with business clients visiting from out of town, it's often appropriate to entertain them by taking them to dinner. Doing so can give you a chance to unwind together, as well as get to know each other a little outside the office. While you can go to dinner at virtually any restaurant, it's a good idea to book somewhere that's a little more fun. This approach can be a welcome relief for everyone if the day's meetings were a little tense. Read More 

Tips For Simplifying Family Pizza Night

If you've been looking for a way to ease your end-of-the-week dinner scramble, one great way to do that is to declare one night pizza night. When you know that one night a week is pizza for dinner, it stops the questions about what's for least for that one night each week. And, it brings the family together to make dinner, because the kids can even make their own. Here are a few tips to help you make that night as easy as possible for everyone. Read More 

6 Delicious Indian Dishes You Need In Your Life

Indian food is often overlooked as a cuisine compared to more plentiful and widespread options like pizza, pasta, and burgers. However, this cuisine offers some of the most delicious and unique flavors you can enjoy. With some strange names, foreign spices and flavorings, and some interesting ingredients, you might be at a loss knowing where to begin.  If you're visiting an Indian restaurant for the first time, here are six amazing dishes that should be at the top of your " Read More 

Catering Ideas For Kids’ Birthday Parties

Throwing a birthday party for a small child can be stressful for parents, and they may be too busy to find the time to cook for their little ones' big days. Your restaurant can expand its current catering business by appealing to parents throwing large or fancy parties for their children. Here are a few ideas to put on a special kids' catering menu to help make your catering business stand out. Read More 

Win Your Sports Bar’s New Recipe Contest With A New Twist On A Pizza Classic

When your favorite sports bar is known for its pizza, how do you reinvent those fantastic flavors into something new? If your weeknight hangout is looking for ideas to expand the menu, introduce them to a fabulous pasta dish that revolutionizes pizza without sacrificing that bar-food feel. Here's a pizza pasta concept that you can serve in a bread bowl or even in a carved sub roll for a portable yet hearty meal. Read More