Not Keen On Fries? Consider These Fish And Chip Side Dish Alternatives

When it comes to seafood dishes, few are as well known as fish and chips. Not only is this dish served in most seafood restaurants, but it's also common at pubs, sports bars, and even food trucks. A lot of people love the combination of tastes that this dish provides, but not everyone is partial to eating fries. If you love battered fish but aren't the biggest fan of fries — or are perhaps trying to avoid potatoes for dietary reasons — there are a lot of different ways that you can order this meal. Instead of fries to accompany your chips, try these things.


Coleslaw is a popular choice with fish and chips, and it frequently comes with this dish when you order it. This isn't always the case, though, as some restaurants only give you one side dish to go with your fish. In this scenario, consider ordering coleslaw instead of fries. Coleslaw goes well with fried fish, and you'll appreciate the taste and textural difference that it provides when you alternate bites between the two central items on your plate. Choosing coleslaw over fries is a good way to lower the fat and calories of your meal, too.


If you're dining in some seafood restaurants, you'll often see peas as a side dish that you can get with your fish instead of fries. At first, this dish might seem like an unusual product to order — especially if you frequently eat peas at home and don't think that they're anything special. However, it's worth trying this vegetable as an accompaniment to your fish. Like coleslaw, this is a healthier choice — and you won't mind having a vegetable on your plate. The soft texture of peas also provides a textural contrast with the crispy, flaky texture of the fish.

Mashed Potatoes

Perhaps you enjoy the taste of potato products but just aren't keen on fries because of their method of cooking — especially if you're already splurging a little by getting fried fish. There's no doubt that potatoes work well with fish, so consider getting your fix of potatoes in a different format. Many restaurants will allow you to substitute mashed potatoes for fries, so this may be an avenue that you want to explore. If there are other potato dishes for you to consider, a baked potato can be yet another good side dish to enjoy with your fried fish.