Measures To Take When Dealing With A Restaurant Hood Installation

In your commercial restaurant, you may use large stoves that create a bunch of smoke and grease. You can collect these things in a safe manner using a kitchen hood system. You need to spend time finding the right hood system, but also focus on getting its installation perfect. You can if you take a couple of important measures.

Hire a Contractor to Assemble the Hood

Even if you feel capable of installing this restaurant equipment yourself, it's still important to hire a licensed contractor to handle the restaurant hood assembly. These hood systems come with some pretty technical components that require professional assessment and manipulation, including the hood itself, connected ducts, and a fan system that goes on the outside of your restaurant.

A licensed contractor will know how these parts are supposed to be set up in relation to each other. Also, having a contractor set up these parts will prevent the warranty from being voided, as most kitchen hood manufacturers require some sort of professional assistance to prevent damage.

Make Sure Hood is Mounted to the Correct Support Systems

A commercial kitchen hood weighs a considerable amount. You don't want to overlook this aspect when setting the hood up above stoves creating odors and grease. Make sure the hood is mounted to the correct support systems.

Your restaurant may already have them if you're just replacing a kitchen hood system or you may need to have them put in. The support systems need to support the full weight of this kitchen appliance and continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Verify Hood Meets Correct Fire Protection Regulations

If your commercial kitchen hood wasn't set up properly, then your restaurant could experience a fire as heat and grease build up around this area. So that you're covered legally and protect your property from fires, verify that the commercial kitchen hood passes fire protection regulations.

If you don't know what these are, hire a restaurant inspector that does. They can perform visual inspections and test the hood to make sure all of its components are set up properly. You want to verify regulatory compliance before relying on this hood system when your restaurant is open and accepting food orders from customers.

Kitchen hoods are crucial elements of a restaurant that cooks for customers. If you see to it that this hood system is set up using the right hardware and practices, you won't be negatively impacted by odors, smoke, and grease.

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