Tips For Holding A Child’s Birthday Party In A Banquet Room

If you're planning a birthday party for your child, there are a lot of things to consider, such as where to hold it. For larger parties of at least 20 guests or more, consider renting a banquet room for the day. Not only will party-goers have enough room to mix, mingle and play games, but the space will also offer a few other benefits as well.

When searching for the perfect banquet room to hold your child's birthday bash in, check out your local restaurants. Many eateries offer ample banquet rooms that you can rent by the day or hour, or if your party is very large, you may be able to reserve the entire restaurant. If your child's birthday falls during an especially busy time of year, such as the winter holiday season, book the space as far in advance as possible.

Here are some additional tips for holding a kid's birthday party in a banquet room.

1. Menu Options 

Children can be picky eaters, so it's important to create a menu that appeals to kids of all ages. If you're holding the event in a restaurant banquet room, ask if they offer food as part of a package deal. Not only will it be a convenient option, but it may also save you money as well. 

Depending on the type of eatery, some kid-friendly party menu ideas include hotdogs and hamburger sliders, along with all of the typical condiments. If there are vegetarians in the group, be sure to provide some meat-free alternatives as well, such as soy-based hotdogs and veggie burgers.  As for sides, you can't go wrong with kid-friendly French fries, potato chips, or tater tots.

Larger banquet rooms are also ideal for setting up build-your-own bars on buffet-style tables. Kids will have fun creating their own tacos or pizzas, which also serve as a party activity. They can take their leftovers home in boxes printed with the celebrant's name and birthdate as a personalized touch.

2. Decorations 

Since many banquet rooms have a neutral appearance to cater to a wide variety of events, bring in your own decorations to liven up the space. Some options include balloons and balloon arches, colorful streamers that reflect the party theme, and whimsical table centerpieces. 

Another easy way to customize the space is with themed plastic tablecloths, napkins, and paper plates. For instance, pick animal prints for a zoo-inspired birthday bash, or castles and crown prints for a princess-themed soiree.