How To Hold A Build-Your-Own-Pizza Party

If you're looking for the perfect party food, you can never go wrong with pizza. No matter what age your guests are, they're sure to appreciate pizza for lunch, dinner, a late-night snack, or anything in between. 

You can turn mealtime into a fun party activity by allowing guests to create their own pies using a variety of classic, as well as gourmet, ingredients. Not only will it keep the party-goers entertained, but they'll also be able to completely customize their lunch, dinner, or snack. Kids will especially love rolling up their sleeves and making their own mini pizzas to enjoy together.

A build-your-own pizza party is ideal for a wide range of special occasions and events, including both kids' and adults' birthday celebrations, holiday gatherings, family reunions, bridal or baby showers, anniversaries, graduation soirees, and wedding receptions. 

Consider hosting the event at your favorite local pizzeria, and request they lay out all of the toppings buffet-style to that guests can assemble their own pies. You can also hold the build-your-own-pizza party at your home or a special event venue, such as a ballroom, barn, conference center, or winery.

Here are some additional tips for holding a build-your-own-pizza party:

1. Consider Dietary Concerns

To ensure that all of your guests can enjoy their custom-made pizza, take any dietary concerns or restrictions into consideration. For instance, provide plenty of meatless options, such as soy meat alternatives for vegetarians, and dairy alternatives for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. 

For younger guests, provide smaller dough portions, or even halved English muffins, to use as pizza bases. These mini pies will be easier for small kids to handle and eat. 

2. Provide a Variety of Ingredients 

Surprise party-goers with a wide variety and pizza ingredients and toppings for a fun experience. Include a mix of traditional toppings, such as shredded mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, onions, and black olives for those who prefer a classic pizza.

Also provide a selection of more gourmet toppings, including prosciutto, sundried tomatoes, brie and feta cheeses, peppery arugula, cilantro, and BBQ chicken. Don't be afraid to place some more creative items, such as grilled pineapple, shrimp, BBQ and hot sauces, eggplant, and sweet potatoes on the buffet table as well. 

3. Take-Home Boxes 

Not only will the pizza provide guests with a fun activity and a meal, but it can also serve as party favors as well. Provide each guest with his or her own cardboard pizza box to take leftovers home in. You can even have the boxes printed with specific event details, such as the date and any celebrants' names. 

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