Popular And Delicious Desserts To Try At A Jamaican Restaurant Or Bakery

Jamaican food is known for being rich and spicy. So, when you're done with your meal, it is only natural for you to crave something sweet! You can absolutely stick with the theme and enjoy a Jamaican dessert after dining on a Jamaican entree. Here are some popular options you're likely to find at a Jamaican restaurant or bakery.


If you've ever had Canadian butter tarts or an American pecan pie, then gizzada may seem a little familiar. They are small tarts, and the filling is made with a dense, sugary mixture similar to that seen in butter tarts of pecan pie. However, instead of being paired with nuts, the mixture is accompanied by grated coconut. Some versions have additional spices like ginger and allspice added for extra flavor. These tarts are usually handheld, and they're just big enough to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal.

Tamarind Balls

Tamarind is a sticky fruit with a sweet-tart flavor. It can be used to make any number of desserts, but in Jamaica, one of the most common is the tamarind ball. Basically, the fruit is ground up and formed into balls before being rolled in brown sugar. Some versions call for a little rum to be added to the tamarind fruit. If you order these at a restaurant, you can expect to get several balls per order. They're a great dessert to share with the table if everyone wants something sweet but not too filling. 


Jamaican cuisine has been influenced by African cuisine over the years, and this is an example of a dish that's arisen out of that influence. Duckanoo is basically a mixture of sweet potato, coconut, spices, and brown sugar all mixed together, wrapped in a banana leaf, and then boiled. The result is something like a soft, sweet potato pie filling. 


Toto is a Jamaican coconut cake. It's made with a classic flour batter to which shredded coconut and warm spices are added. The cake is baked in a loaf pan and cut into squares before serving. Some versions are topped with warm syrup or a drizzle of molasses. You may even see it served with a little fruit on the side.

Jamaican cuisine does include some delicious desserts that are well worth trying. Look for the options above at a restaurant or bakery near you, and give them a try when you're craving a sweet treat. Visit a restaurant near you like MoBay Grill to try Jamaican cuisine.