Heading To San Antonio This Summer? How To Make The Most Of Your River Walk Experience

If you're going to heading to San Antonio, Texas this summer, don't forget to stop by the river walk. If you've never experienced a river walk before, you're really missing out. There's just something breathtakingly simple about enjoying the tranquil water of a river walk, especially when you can enjoy it at your own pace. One of the great things about the San Antonio river walk is that you can do just that. If you're not sure what to do on a river walk, here are four fun activities to get you started.

Enjoy a Leisurely Boat Ride

If you're going to head to the river walk in San Antonio, the first thing you need to do is enjoy a leisurely boat ride. The boats travel the entire length of the river walk, allowing you to catch a glimpse of everything. You'll want to make a note of the things you want to experience up close and personal, though. That way, once the boat ride ends, you can head back to check them out. If you want to go shopping, there's even a mall along the river walk that you can spend some time in.

Explore the Walking Paths

Once you've enjoyed the boat ride through the river walk, you'll want to head back and explore the walking paths. One of the great things about the San Antonio river walk is that there are plenty of places to sit down and relax along the way. Not only that, but there are hidden paths located along the river walk that you can travel through.

Stop by the Local Eateries

If you get hungry while you're exploring the river walk, you can stop by any of the local eateries that you'll find along the way. If you want to continue enjoying the appeal of the river walk, don't forget to enjoy outdoor dining that gives you a perfect view of the water and the beautiful San Antonio skies. Don't just stop by one of the restaurants though. Make sure you spend enough time to enjoy the ambiance of all the fine dining options the river walk provides. Consider visiting a restaurant like Boudro's Texas Bistro to start.

Learn About the History

If you're a history buff, you're going to love the San Antonio river walk. During your walk along the river walk, you'll be able to find the Arneson River Theater, which was built around 1939. It's also within walking distance to the Alamo, where you can learn about people like Davy Crockett and Sam Houston.

If your summer is going to find you in San Antonio, make sure you stop by the river walk. You'll find fun things to do and good food to eat.