Consider These Fun Restaurant Ideas When Entertaining Business Clients

After a day of meetings with business clients visiting from out of town, it's often appropriate to entertain them by taking them to dinner. Doing so can give you a chance to unwind together, as well as get to know each other a little outside the office. While you can go to dinner at virtually any restaurant, it's a good idea to book somewhere that's a little more fun. This approach can be a welcome relief for everyone if the day's meetings were a little tense. Here are some restaurants ideas to consider for entertaining business clients.

Regional Cuisine

If your clients are from a different state or even country, it's nice to showcase the notable cuisine of your area by selecting a restaurant for dinner that specializes in this type of cuisine. Doing so will give the clients a chance to sample food that they may not often eat — and almost certainly that they don't eat at the caliber that is offered in your area. For example, if your city is situated on the ocean, there are likely a number of seafood restaurants that offer fresh seafood caught earlier in the day. This will be an impressive dinner for your business clients.


Few restaurants will give you a chance to see a different side of your business clients like a barbecue restaurant. Seated outside at a table covered in butcher's paper, and with your tie removed and your sleeves rolled up, you can dig into ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and all the specialty side dishes. This is an approach that you'll likely want to take if your area is known for its barbecue, but even if this isn't the case, you might have a famous barbecue establishment in your area.

Food Truck

Thinking of a food truck that has a good reputation in your area can be a worthwhile plan for entertaining your business clients for dinner. Whether the food truck offers gourmet sandwiches, ethnic cuisine, or something else notable, it provides a laid-back environment that is ideal for unwinding with your clients. You can grab some food and sit at one of the nearby picnic tables, or get the food to go and walk to a park to enjoy your dinner. This is especially a strong idea during the summer months, as you can get outside and enjoy some fresh air after a day spent inside during meetings.

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