3 Great Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy At Restaurants

Taking your child or children to a sit-down restaurant isn't always going to be easy, but it most definitely is possible. While each child is different, and age is always going to be a factor, there are certain things that you can do with children in general to help keep them happy while at a restaurant, like Athens Restaurant. This article will discuss 3 things in particular that you can do.

Let Them Look At And Color Their Menu

When you first arrive at the restaurant, the host or hostess will ask you how many are in your party. When responding to the host/hostess, be sure to separate adults and children so that he or she knows how many children's menus that you need. These menus are different than regular menus because they are often made of paper and come with crayons for your child to color with. The menu will also likely include pictures for your child to color, as well as puzzles and other fun things. If your child can read, they can read their menu themselves and decide what they'd like to order. Your child will stay entertained while they color their menu, allowing you to look over your menu and decide what you'd like to order. 

Take A Little Break With Them While You Wait For Your Food

If your child is getting restless while sitting in their seat and waiting for their food, it can be a good idea to take them for a little walk. This can be either within the restaurant, or you can take them for a walk outside. Both options give your child the opportunity to stretch their legs and get some of their wiggles out. This can help them to stay more calm when the food arrives and will encourage them to sit still and eat their meal. 

Bring Entertainment From Home 

Think of some of the things that your child likes to play with when they are at home and bring these items with you to the restaurant to entertain them. This could be some of their favorite toys, books, electronic gaming devices, etc. If your child is old enough to understand, explain to them that they will only get to keep this object if they are well behaved in the restaurant. Or if they are too young to understand, simply give them the item when they are starting to get restless and upset.