4 Best Authentic Chinese Chicken Dishes

There are very few culinary dishes that the Chinese do incorrectly. However, it seems that the Chinese truly excel at creating masterpieces of chicken dishes. Though you might be familiar with items like General Tso's chicken or orange chicken, authentic dishes tend to differ in both texture and flavor. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of the best authentic Chinese dishes that involve chicken.

Kung Pao Chicken

Westernized people might be under the assumption that Kung Pao chicken is a dish that was created solely for Westerners, but nothing could be further from the truth. This dish originated in the Sichuan province, and its original recipe is a bit spicier than its Chinese-American brethren. Sichuan peppercorns are used to flavor the dish during the pan frying process, and it truly adds a bit of heat to this savory and crunchy dish.

Bao Zai Fan

Bao zai fan is a dish that some Westerners might know as a "clay pot casserole," due to the fact that it is constructed, heated, and served all in a clay pot. Although numerous toppings can be added to this rice-heavy Cantonese delight, chicken is one of the most common ingredients. It is highly recommended that you use some of the fattier parts of the chicken in this dish, so some of the fat can congeal at the bottom of the dish before it is stirred around by the person ready to eat it. This can help congeal the elements of the dish together before consumption.

Drunken Chicken

This dish is a favorite in Shanghai. It is recommended for consumption with a bit of alcohol or after you have had a bit of alcohol. It is a white chicken dish that is poached and marinated in wine. It should be mentioned that the alcohol content in drunken chicken is, as its name implies, oftentimes quite high.

Phoenix Claws

Phoenix claws are a colloquialism for chicken feet. Chicken feet are considered a quick and easy comfort food due to the fact that this dish is largely cartilage and skin. Phoenix claws are usually served as dim sum, and are sometimes even dyed red to emulate the appearance of their namesake.

Authentic dishes are usually savory and, depending on the region from where they hail, sometimes very spicy. Hopefully, you've learned about a few real deal Chinese dishes that have made your mouth water.

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