Beer And Grub - Plan Your Promotion Celebration To Be Held In Your Favorite Pub

If you were recently promoted to head office manager and would like to celebrate with your co-workers at your favorite pub (like Victoria Four Mile Bar & Grill), contact the owner and reserve a private area inside of the establishment. The following ideas can be used to help make the event enjoyable and memorable for all who attend.

Taste Testing Table

Purchase several pitchers of beer that include local favorites and unique blends that you have never tried. Add some non-alcoholic beverages to your order for any guests who do not drink. Place the pitchers across a long table that has multiple chairs set up around it. Request enough cups for your guests.

Once the party begins, toast your co-workers and invite them to try some of the beverages that you have supplied. Everyone can share their thoughts about the drinks while relaxing. If a couple types of beer are favored by the majority of your guests, purchase additional rounds until everyone's cravings have been satiated.

Bodacious Buffet

If the pub that you are holding the party at serves food, inquire if you can order large trays of several types that will satisfy a broad range of appetites. Otherwise, purchase food from a restaurant or catering business. Arrange the food on a table that is easily accessible from all sides. Set up a stack of plates next to the food dishes so that your guests can help themselves throughout the event.

Not only will your guests hunger be satisfied, they will also be able to soak up the alcohol that they have consumed so that they do not feel too tipsy while they are celebrating.

Extreme Entertainment

Go all out and hire a magician or singer who will knock the socks off of your guests. Select an entertainer who deeply impresses you and reserve their services well in advance. If you would like to surprise your co-workers, hint around that you will be hiring an entertainer, but give no clues as to who it is or what their talents are. 

Right before it is time for the entertainment to begin, have the person who you have hired hide in a discreet area. Stand in front of your guests and announce the entertainer's name in a bold manner. Encourage everyone to sit back and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Your party will likely be a hit after executing these ideas. You and your guests will be able to unwind and have fun as you celebrate your recent victory.